Do you have a Vocation?

If you feel that you have been called by God to serve in the clergy, then this might be the place for you. The Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved is seeking potential candidates for Holy Orders in fulfillment of the mission of the Order. We offer open and welcoming arms to former Roman Catholic Seminarians who left as a matter of social conscience, as well as those who have never been in seminary training.

The mission of the Order includes both monastic and parish-based ministries. Our Monastery project is currently in the design phase in Pennsylvania. Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in Old Catholic Parishes. The Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved has answered that call by forming, parishes on Long Island, in New York City, Western Michigan, and Northern New Jersey. Therefore, the Order seeks those who wish to study for and enter into ordained ministry. Anyone who has an undergraduate degree, and wishes to study Theology for the Priesthood, should contact us. Additionally, candidates for the Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and the permanent Deaconate will also be considered.

For information on our various parishes, click on the "Parishes" link at the left.

Information on the daily aspects of monastic life as a resident of our planned monastic center in Pennsylvania, is available here.

If you are least 18 years of age, in good health, with a clean police record, then consider contacting the office to find out more about us, and your place within the Order. On this web site you can read the history of the Old Catholic Church, and request an application to join the Church for theological and Spiritual training for up to three years before being given an assignment. This training is given while you work and carry on your normal life. Additionally, during this period, you will be expected to serve in a parish under the guidance of a member of the Order. All parish based clergy must be able to support themselves, while serving in the tradition of the "Worker Priests" of the middle ages. If a parish can provide financial support for their clergy, then this may become a full time ministry.

Service in the Church can be hard work, but the potential rewards can be for eternity.