The Three Primary
Ministries of this Order

SOCIAL JUSTICE: We have become very alarmed at the trend by certain large and powerful churches and lay institutions to use the Holy Gospels as a weapon of spiritual terrorism towards groups that they do not find fit their definition of what it means to be a Christian. Even more alarming are certain elements in society trying to unite Church, lay forces, and the government as one facade against other factions of Christianity. The end results of this Troika are repression, hatred, and denial of basic human rights, all in the name of the Prince of Peace and love, Jesus Christ. We find that we must speak out against such attempts to usurp God as a political weapon and act where we find evidence of this policy being implemented in our common society to the detriment of others. The age of the Inquisition, Crusades, and Heretic burning is over. The age of enlightenment and the reiteration of the true substance of the Gospels is upon us.

To this end, the Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved is launching a concerted effort to educate people to the truth of the Gospels and the message brought to humankind by the Son of God; the simple truth of love and inclusion, which is the message of the Old Catholic Church and this Order. It is the greatest commandment in the Gospels and the one most easily forgotten by the zealots of the 21st century. We therefore will employ all means necessary and at our disposal to fight the rightwing of the Christian movement and its lay allies. This may take the form of legal challenges, PR campaigns to highlight a specific incident of Gospel misuse, examples of which there are legions over the past 36 months, or coming to the aid of a persecuted individual. Particular attention will be paid to the victimization of our youth who are often driven to suicide by the malicious actions and blind hatred of others using the Gospels to serve their own ends.

Therefore, the Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved is announcing a vocations drive to recruit men and women who will join the Order as Brothers, Sisters, and Priests who are willing to fight for the true meaning of the Gospels throughout the United States. In doing so, we fight the evil done by the right and bring forth the true face of Christ. We look for both professional and non-professional individuals. We seek Lawyers, Doctors, PR people, Fundraisers, Public Personalities, Certified Investigators, Management Specialists and Activists. We need the ordinary rank and file of America as foot soldiers, which made this country great in the true ideals of the U.S. Constitution. Please send an e-mail of interest to for immediate consideration as the year 2004 is the year of action. If you can’t join us physically, then please make a donation to this cause by visiting our donation page today! You CAN make a difference. You MUST make a difference before it’s too late.

THE ELDERLY: When in that time of life when retired people should be enjoying the benefits of having worked all their lives, many have to decide between medications and food. Government programs have been laid waste by the military industrial complex in this nation and senior citizens have become part of the collateral damage of the resulting federal budgets. Many people need assistance to live out their days in dignity and security, only to have to face the reality that they need help and cannot get it. It is the aim of the Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved to assist such people where we become aware of such situations and as funding allows. We will endeavor to help make the choices necessary more easily accomplished by direct aid in certain limited cases. In lieu of direct aid, we will attempt to act as intermediaries with non-profit organizations cutting through red tape and become advocates on behalf of the senior citizen in need. Often what programs are available are so complicated and cumbersome that many people simply give up rather then try and understand the requirements of the program. We can help in this area by advocating on their behalf.

PARISH FORMATION: As an important adjunct to the first and second ministry of the Order, we wish to establish Benedictine parishes across this Nation within the framework of the Old Catholic Church which will provide open arms welcoming all peoples into the House of the Lord to worship him as God has made them. The parishes will have a central mother house which will be the Monastery of the Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved. The Monastery will serve as the training facility for future Brothers and Priests of the Order. Our Parishes will be activist parishes with worship of the Lord primary and Social. Justice secondary. All parishes under this jurisdiction shall be inclusive houses of worship, not exclusive. Help us build up the Church today!